Innovative national high-tech enterprise
  • 200+

    number of workers

  • 12 years

    Technology accumulation

  • 100+


  • 400+units/year

    Capacity scale

  • 50000+㎡

    Production base

  • Mission

    Focus on creating value for customers, gather talents from all over the world, keep a keen insight into industry trends. Keep challenging new technologies and promoting the development of advanced laser micro-nano processing technology.

  • Vision

    To build a respected technical and highly profitable intelligent manufacturer of high quality advanced equipment.

  • Values

    Work with the strong and the wise
    Adhere to technology-driven, continuous innovation-oriented

  • 01

    Customer view

    Continuously create value for customers with high efficiency, constantly challenge the limits of self-awareness and resources to cater to and respond to customers' demands, do not easily say "impossible", and constantly exceed customer expectations with hard work and results!

  • 02

    Product view

    Strive for the first! Improve taste and cognition, accumulate professional knowledge, have a clear mind, insight into the nature of technology, and try hard to simplify the complex.

  • 03

    Interest view

    Organization glory supreme    group interests first
    Prioritize long-term interests    insist on long-term investment
    Prioritize the interests of customers  create and share with employees
    The creator of value is the sharer of value

  • 04

    Cost view

    The R & D level determines the company’s operating costs, so we focus on top-level design. Adhering to the excellent R&D concept, we optimize R&D, production, manufacturing, and technology from the source to reduce the complexity of management and the production costs in order to achieve a win-win situation with customers, and suppliers.

  • 05

    Career view

    Enjoy work   Enjoy life
    Achieve career    Achieve life
    Have a pattern   Be a good man

  • 06

    Quality view

    Without quality, there is no dignity!
    The quality of control starts with me, there is no fluke.
    Make zero-defect products with the spirit of craftsmanship.
    To have a prosperous and happy life with high-quality products.

  • 07

    Organizational view

    Efficient, simple and fast execution!
    Develop a growth mindset, abandon the complaining mindset.
    More ideas, less excuses!
    Adults can have a mood, but can’t be emotional.

  • 08

    Performance view

    Everything is for
    data is king, efficiency wins and results output

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