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Display panels are continuously upgraded to ultra-high-definition and ultra-thin, and the demand for compact design of smart terminal products is increasing. Special-shaped displays, perforated displays, and flexible displays have become mainstream design solutions in the consumer electronics industry. The emergence of new products such as full screens, ultra-narrow bezels, special-shaped screens, and perforated screens also makes product design tolerances exceed the processing tolerance limits of traditional machining processes.

In the display panel industry, Strong has gradually replaced backward mechanical processing through "laser processing technology". Compared with the traditional cutting process, laser cutting has the following advantages, such as: narrow cutting seam-less deformation of the workpiece; non-contact processing, no stress damage; high efficiency: high-speed special-shaped cutting; no wheel grinding head loss, no debris Oil pollution, cleanliness, etc. At the same time, this process can meet the processing of ultra-narrow frame and ultra-small digging.

Some links such as panel cutting, panel drilling, polarizer cutting/drilling, terminal cutting, etc. are closely related to production efficiency. In response to these links, Strong has implemented a series of laser processing solutions, which have greatly improved the industry's production capacity and yield rate.

Laser cutting/drilling solutions for glass panels

Regarding the laser cutting solution for glass panels, we let the laser focus inside the glass, and the laser beam follows the set cutting line to modify a narrow area, so that the glass will break along the modified area. Whether it is straight or curved cutting, we can cut the glass at one time and get a smooth cutting surface through this method. Strong’s laser cutting solution for glass panels improves the precision and quality of glass processing. On the one hand, it reduces the impact on the properties and morphology of glass raw materials, and can realize glass cutting without micro-cracks; on the other hand, its processing speed is fast, which is beneficial Increase productivity.


The laser has self-focusing phenomenon in the panel glass material. Strong Laser drills the glass panel based on this phenomenon. (When the ultra-high peak power laser is focused inside the transparent material, the nonlinear polarization caused by the light propagation inside the material changes the propagation characteristics of the light and focuses the laser on the wavefront. This phenomenon is called self-focusing. ) The super-strong beam formed by self-focusing forms a wire with a diameter of about 1 μm inside the glass. The high peak energy directly vaporizes the glass where the wire penetrates to form a hole. At this time, if the glass is stressed, it can be split easily and efficiently.

Major equipment:Strong laser cutting machine for special-shaped of full-screen

Laser cutting and drilling solutions for flexible OLED panel


Regarding the flexible OLED panel cutting and drilling solution, Strong will use high peak power ultraviolet lasers to cut and drill the flexible OLED display panel. The laser irradiates the OLED panel to destroy the resin structure of the material layer and make its molecules discrete. The heat generated in this process is extremely small. The material is instantly heated and quickly rises to the vaporization temperature, then the part ablated by the laser becomes gas and escapes from the surface of the material. This solution has these advantages: the damage of the cutting area to the panel is limited to the minimum range, the cutting line width is small, the thermal effect is small, and there is no burr.

Major equipment:Strong laser cutting/drilling machine for OLED

Laser cutting solution for polarizer

For the polarizer laser cutting solution, Strong Laser uses high peak power lasers to cut and drill the polarizer. Under the action of the focusing lens, the laser is focused on the surface of the material, and the material is instantly heated and quickly rises to the vaporization temperature. The material ablated by the laser escapes as a gas.

Strong laser cutting machine for polarizer can directly cut polarizers, or perform fine trimming on some polarizer materials, such as glass substrate display panels or flexible substrate display panels with polarizers attached. That can meet the requirements of ultra-precision fitting tolerances for different sizes of displays without damaging the glass substrate or flexible substrate under the polarizer.

Major equipment:Strong laser cutting/drilling machine for OLED

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