Strong laser solutions for new energy battery

Lithium battery is the core element of new energy. The production of lithium batteries mainly adopts the "roll-to-roll" process, which includes two steps: thin film to single battery, and single battery assembly into a battery system.

A typical lithium battery has three thin films—anode film, separator film, and cathode film. The thickness of the electrode plating layer is usually 100 μm, and the separator film is 50 μm. The anode film is a graphite-coated copper film, the cathode film is an aluminum film coated with lithium metal oxide, and the separator is made of polypropylene and polyethylene.

Strong laser cutting machine for new energy industry can accurately complete the cutting of metal foil (lug). Compared with traditional machining, the Strong laser cutting solution has the following advantages: no tool wear, flexible cutting shape, edge quality control, higher accuracy, low operating cost, etc.

Strong Laser cutting solution for tab

In terms of Strong laser cutting solutions for metal foil (commonly known in the industry as “lug cutting”), Strong Laser uses high-power laser beams to irradiate battery pole pieces, so that the pole pieces are quickly heated to a high temperature, and then quickly melted, vaporized, and burned then reach the ignition point, eventually forming holes. As the beam moves on the pole piece, the hole continuously forms a slit with a very narrow width to complete the cutting of the pole piece.




Strong laser slitting/cutting solution for profile of metal foil belongs to non-contact processing. Compared with traditional mechanical processing, it has the following advantages: no tool wear, flexible cutting shape, edge quality control, higher accuracy and lower operating cost Low-grade, and will not cause short-circuits due to bending of micron-level materials. It is the best processing solution in the industry.

Main equipment:Strong laser cutting machine for tab

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