Strong laser etching machine with single/double head for thick film & thin film circuit


Industry application:

Etching and repairing silver paste circuit of resistive and capacitive touch screen

Etching of ITO and various metal conductive film lines

Lithography of thin film circuits and laser etching of masks in the PCB industry

Etching of thin film circuits on solar photovoltaic silicon substrates


The process of the equipment is dry etching, its processing is simple, all processing is controlled by software, the product consistency is high, and the yield rate is as high as 99%.

The minimum etching line width is 20μm. The machine supports the simultaneous etching of silver paste lines and ITO at the same time, which can easily achieve the etching of single-layer multi-point capacitive screen sensor lines.

The processing range is 650mm×550mm. Its splicing accuracy is ≤±3μm.

The machine has a CCD vision automatic target-finding function and supports a variety of visual positioning features. Even with 5 million pixels, the target grasping time is less than 1 second, which overcomes the problem of laser etching deviation caused by excessive printing deformation, and the positioning accuracy is ≤±3μm.

Even if it works for 50,000 hours, the laser etching machine has no consumables, maintenance-free, low cost, and can replace the yellow light process.

Optical unit
01Laser type532/1064nm(Nanosecond/picosecond optional)
02Laser power
03Beam qualityM²<1.3
04Focusing wayPlan focusing lens
05Processing stationSingle/Double
06Minimum focus spot diameterΦ20μm/Φ10μm
02Minimum etching line width20μm
03Etching line width accuracy±3μm
04Maximum working range650mm*650mm Any automatic splicing
05Etching line splicing accuracy±3μm
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