Twelve Years of Journey, Strong Laser Fights Against Epidemic with Professional Technology

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From April 8th, 2008 to April 8th, 2020, the twelve years are the birth cycle of the Chinese zodiac.

he 12-year-old Stronglaser also represents that it is about to break away from the innocence stage of Mengtong and begin to enter a period of rapid growth. April 8, 2020 is the historical moment of the twelfth anniversary of the establishment of Dongguan Stronglaser Advanced Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Stronglaser"). The company held the twelfth anniversary ceremony at the headquarters with the theme of "Common Witnessing with Each Change".




Park Effect Picture


Park construction drawing

April 8, 2008-April 8, 2020

Believe in the power of time! The twelfth year of the Chinese zodiac reincarnation, the 12th anniversary of Stronglaser, 1 million funds, 11 people started, Stronglaser Creative Park, which is growing day by day, we were born during the financial crisis, grew up in the epidemic years, every time of suffering and crisis It is the incentive and opportunity for the transformation of organizational innovation. After the storm, believe in the rainbow!

——Tao Xiongbing

Stronglaser specializes in ultrafast ultrashort pulse industrial laser processing application technology, and its business focuses on providing the overall solution of laser micro-nano processing in the optoelectronic industry, with ultrafast laser micro-cutting, drilling, etching, dicing, grooving, microstructure Production and other application technology platforms.

After twelve years of experience accumulation and technology precipitation in the field of laser processing in the consumer electronics industry chain, Stronglaser has launched a full-screen automated laser processing production line for semiconductor displays, as well as a one-stop high-speed HDI laser drilling processing station. Special-shaped cutting and digging holes, the third-generation semiconductor device cutting and drilling fields have been widely used.

The latest type of OLED full-screen automatic laser processing production line is mainly used in mass production processes such as special-shaped cutting, chamfering, and digging of flexible OLED displays. It can carry out non-contact and residue-free processing of flexible shapes from 3 to 8 inches. The processing speed of each piece of the 6.5-inch product is controlled below 5.5 seconds, the cutting accuracy is ±50um, and the thermal impact is ≤75um (thickness within 0.5mm) to achieve industry-leading product processing quality and production efficiency.


TFT cutting and drilling equipment


Drilling and cutting of TFT-LCD/OLED glass


Digging and cutting of flexible OLED film materials

HDI micro-hole laser processing workstation is mainly used for cutting and drilling various types of materials, and is widely used in micro-hole processing industries including ceramic inductors. The drilling diameter is 40-100UM, the drilling speed is up to 4000 holes per second (double head), the dimensional accuracy is controlled within ±5um, there is no crater phenomenon, and the drilling roundness is more than 95%.

In response to the spread of the new coronary pneumonia virus epidemic, Stronglaser is also anxious for the industry and the society. Taking full advantage of the professional technology and processing experience accumulated in the industry for 12 years, it quickly launched the core accessories for the production of KN95 mask melt-blown non-woven equipment— —The spinneret spinneret micro-hole laser drilling processing equipment and the KN95 mask laser coding equipment have made due contributions to epidemic prevention and control.


HDI micro-hole processing


Flexible ceramic and flexible PI micro-hole processing


Ultraviolet laser marking machine


N95 mask coding

The historical process of Stronglaser's rapid development in the optoelectronic industry chain coincides with the development of smartphones. In the process of product transformation and technology upgrade that deeply intervenes in the smartphone industry chain, with the characteristics of laser cold processing and non-contact processing, Stronglaser has carried out a full range of laser processing technology for the mass production of various materials that appear in smartphone components Breakthrough, accumulated a lot of industry experience.

From the cutting and etching of inorganic materials and organic materials to composite materials, from ultra-brittle crystal and non-crystal optical devices to ultra-brittle ceramic structure devices, from the processing of wearable device casings to the production of functional layers in the panel industry, shape shaping, and then Invisible cutting of semiconductor chips, etc., Stronglaser is at the forefront of the industry at every step. The rich accumulation of laser processing experience and the accumulation of laser processing technology in many fields have enabled Stronglaser to have a very complete laser processing technology database. It can quickly organize efficient and advanced laser processing technology solutions according to customer needs.

At the 12th anniversary celebration, the staff representatives of Stronglaser reviewed the story of growing together with Stronglaser, and were very proud and gratified that their hard work and hard work in exchange for the achievement of Stronglaser today.


Mr. Tao Xiongbing, founder of Stronglaser, shared the ups and downs of his entrepreneurial business during the 12th anniversary celebration. Mr. Tao also said that Stronglaser had a good start this year. The company has overcome various difficulties in the first stage and achieved victory in the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia virus epidemic. In order to respond to the government's call and meet the customer's order needs, Stronglaser actively resumed work and organized production to save itself, reducing some of the company's losses caused by the epidemic. After the epidemic was brought under control, Hubei employees were greeted back as soon as possible. Under the implementation of multiple powerful measures, Stronglaser has minimized the loss of production capacity, so that the work and income of employees have been well protected.

The impact of this year's epidemic has delayed the resumption of work for many physical companies themselves and their upstream and downstream industry chain companies, affecting the first quarter's capacity output, order delivery, product acceptance and order repayment, such as Wuhan's laser listed companies. Super 80%.

Under such a bad economic environment, the operating pressure of physical enterprises is also increasing day by day. We see that in the news, whether it is domestic or foreign, whether it is a large company or a small enterprise, many manufacturers have laid off employees, Reducing employee wages/welfare expenditures is an important means of survival.

However, Stronglaserdeeply understands the hardships and difficulties of employees in the process of social and economic turmoil. Not only is it opening up recruitment channels for employees and continuing to recruit talents from the society, it will also increase employees' wages and benefits in four months. Reduce the burden on employees and enhance the overall comprehensive combat capability of Stronglaser.

Smartphones have already entered the stock market. Under the circumstances where the replacement cycle is getting longer and the industry growth space is limited, the upstream growth of the entire industry chain is also getting smaller and smaller. Coupled with the global economic downturn in recent years, the market environment has become increasingly worse. The outbreak of the new Pneumococcal pneumonia virus today has caused a huge blow to the global real economy. No snowflake is innocent during an avalanche. Stronglaser, as the core supplier of the industry, will only have unprecedented operating pressure and must be prepared to deal with a worse economic environment.。

Melt-sprayed nonwoven fabric spinneret spinneret micro-hole laser processing, the aperture processing range reaches below 0.3mm, and the hole pitch accuracy is controlled within ±5um

In order to enhance its survivability in the market, Stronglaser has been pursuing a professional and professional business operation model, striving to break its own growth ceiling and continue to maintain the company's continuous growth. Everyone must have the courage and perseverance of the eagle in the film "The Rebirth of the Eagle", work hard to improve yourself, don't be knocked down by yourself, don't be left by this era! We must strive to keep up with the company's development and become more professional and professional, continue to grow with the company, and work together to create a more competitive modern laser equipment manufacturing enterprise.

Always adhere to Stronglaser's sense of mission: to take customers as the center, to gather talents from all over the world, to maintain a keen insight into industry trends, and to continue to challenge cutting-edge laser micro-nano processing technology. We must firmly believe in the "believe in the power of belief", no matter how bad the external economic environment is, how confused the market technology is, how strict the customer's requirements for product performance, price, cost, service, and even the fluctuations of personal life conditions, etc. We must calm down to accept the challenge and find a better win-win and multi-win approach with our own professional functions, which can live up to the trust of the market, customers, investors, family, friends and work partners.

The philosophy of Stronglaser is that the spirit of the craftsman comes from awe, and the quality comes from feelings and taste; it is necessary to use the spirit of the craftsman to make fine products, and use time to accumulate taste. Stronglaser is determined to become a respected, technical and leading manufacturer of complete sets of laser equipment in the semiconductor microelectronics industry, so our colleagues in Stronglaser must be persistent and persuasive!

Let us bless ourselves and bless Stronglaser!


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