Twelve Years of Glorious Victory, Set Off with Passion!

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Today, 12 years ago, Shengxiong Laser had the luck to enter the world of large equipment manufacturing in China, and followed the dividend boom of industrial upgrading during the transition from traditional Internet to mobile Internet.

At that time, the Chinese market had accumulated a large amount of manufacturing capacity due to the opening up situation after WTO accession. While China has reap the dividends of capacity explosion, massive new technology applications and market cultivation have also begun to rapidly promote the upgrading of China's manufacturing industry.


In the next 12 years, China has taken advantage of the industrial advantages of time, geographical advantage, and harmony to absorb a large amount of global industrial resources. China has completed the important task of undertaking global consumer electronics manufacturing capacity transfer, making China the world's largest consumer electronics manufacturing capacity base.

With the breakthrough and popularization of high-speed Internet technologies such as 3G/4G, the consumer electronics industry represented by smartphones has exploded. In addition to having a huge impact on the changes in people's production and life behaviors, it has also given the entire mobile communications industry It has brought about tremendous changes, and at the same time, it has rapidly popularized many technologies that could only be realized in the laboratory or military industry in the entire manufacturing field of the photovoltaic industry.

Also during the transition from the traditional Internet to the mobile Internet, a large number of manufacturing products began to shift from traditional macro-manufacturing technologies such as smelting, segmentation, and assembly to micro-nano processing and manufacturing technologies based on modern semiconductor technology. As one of the most advanced micro-nano processing technology platforms in modern industry, laser processing has also entered the explosive period of industrial application.

In the era of industrial revolution, Shengxiong Laser has used its leading technology platform and rigorous quality platform to create its own stable product platform. At the same time, Shengxiong Laser is also actively integrating into the wave of great changes in mobile Internet technology, and constantly improving the level of the combination of hardware and software technology of its laser equipment products.

Along the way, Shengxiong Laser has cooperated with the upstream and downstream partners in the industrial chain, from the fine molding of touch display panel materials, to the engraving and manufacturing of functional circuits, to the micron manufacturing technology of optical materials and devices. To the micro-nano processing technology of semiconductor functional devices, Shengxiong Laser has achieved leading results in the industry.

In 12 years, Shengxiong Laser's panel laser etching equipment won the first place in the industry's overall shipments. Shengxiong Laser's fingerprint identification device solutions from chips, covers to FPC laser complete equipment broke the industry's application precedent for the first time. Not only has it achieved the forefront of industry shipments, but it is still the industry's leading processing solution until now!


Shengxiong Laser's smart wearable laser processing equipment also covers the entire series of material processing technologies from plastics, metals, glass, ceramics to sapphire, from 3D molding of structural parts, high-precision circuit board manufacturing, and micro-channels for optical/acoustic export Hole making, chip processing of functional components, and online manufacturing of RF devices all provide advanced laser processing solutions to create an advanced laser that is more environmentally friendly, more energy efficient, and has higher production efficiency and product yield for the industry. Processing and production operations.

Shengxiong Laser HDI laser processing equipment's raw material processing molding, functional circuit drawing, auxiliary layer window opening, multi-layer interconnect drilling/buried hole, etc., have a complete set of laser processing solutions for the industry to break through the production of HDI high-precision products The bottleneck has laid a solid foundation for equipment and technology.


In order to adapt to China's future industrial development, in addition to stocking many laser processing technologies, Shengxiong Laser also has many advanced laser processing technologies that are stepping up R&D breakthroughs, and will continue to bloom in the industry with brilliant industrial prospects .

Twelve years ago, it was precisely the industry trough that plunged into the global financial crisis. However, Shengxiong Laser has not forgotten its original intentions, forged ahead, actively seized the opportunity of the eve of industrial transformation, paved the way with technology, escorted by quality, and has grown all the way to this day!

Twelve years later, the global economy is experiencing another crisis of the new crown epidemic, and the trough of the consumer electronics industry cycle is superimposed, making China's manufacturing industry once again usher in the historical test.

Nevertheless, we found that the national “new infrastructure” cause pioneered by 5G technology is slowly unfolding, and industries such as 5G communications, high-speed rail transit, artificial intelligence, new energy, UHV, industrial interconnection, and big data cloud computing will usher in A huge industry outbreak cycle.


n order to meet this round of industrial upgrading brought by the "new infrastructure", new technology application scenarios from high-speed data transmission hardware to high-speed data processing platforms will also show exponential growth again. In the era of the Internet of Things represented by AIOT, smart terminal products similar to smart phones will also enter people's lives and work in different forms, and continue to increase global productivity levels.

Among the many AIOT IoT terminal products, modern semiconductor technology is the core platform of these products to meet the intelligent data processing and transmission assistance for various human functions. And this kind of product form that highly integrates many application scenarios, micro-nano manufacturing technology will be the main processing method. Among them, laser equipment and related laser processing and manufacturing technology will be one of the most important production organization methods, and will usher in a new technology and product growth peak period.

In the past 12 years, Shengxiong Laser has attracted talents from all walks of life. Not only has it achieved steady growth in employee employment, but it has also built its own property industrial park with its own wealth through stable profitability. All these achievements have laid a solid foundation for manpower and material resources for Shengxiong Laser to take off in the future.


After 12 years of glory, Shengxiong Laser will once again rely on the "new infrastructure" time, the geographical location of the self-built industrial park, the strength of the people and other hard powers, and occupy the center of the stage of industrial transformation. Shengxiong Laser will still insist on hard work as always, with better laser processing technology, more rigorous quality maintenance platform, more stable products and services, sincerely for chess! Dreams for the spectrum! Mission must be reached! Once again, we will welcome the new prosperity and prosperity together with the upstream and downstream partners of the industrial chain!


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